Your source for Reliable, Durable and Quality products!

Your supplier of Reliable, Durable and Quality products!

Beha-Hedo Industrier AS is an old, established, but up to date Company,which has been producing a wide range of Galley Equipment for nearly 100 years. Our products are known worldwide for quality, reliability and durability. We will together with our overseas representatives ensure that we will always be in position to offer our customers the best service possible.

Beha-Hedo produce ranges, cooking tables, hotplates, frying pans, baking and roasting ovens, fryers and various other products. In addition we deliver well known products from Hounø, Jøni, Lamber, Wodschow, IMC, Bonamat, Hobart Foster, Miele and several other producers.

Our Design and Engineering Department provides full and detailed Galley plans witch would include all the equipment, stainless steel wallbenches, shelves and serveries, together with a Service Schedule detailing electrical loadings and positioning to assist in the smooth installation of your project.

Beha-Hedo Industrier AS delivers complete Galleys and Laundries for more than 100 new ships every year. The company has an AAA rating by Dun & Bradstreet.